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Bachelor of Arts in English
– Professional Communication & Journalism Concentration

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Program Overview

The YourPace online Bachelor of Arts in English – Professional Communication & Journalism Concentration program shapes you into a strong communicator, and helps you gain mobility in your career. Designed to fortify your ability to write and speak clearly, convincingly, and compellingly, this accredited online program prepares you for success in a vast array of professional and academic settings.

icon $1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition
icon As few as 12 months* Duration
icon 120 Credit Hours
icon $1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition
icon As few as 12 months* Duration
icon 120 Credit Hours

As a student, you will develop the in-demand leadership and advanced business communication skills that all employers seek. Our competency-based coursework is uniquely structured to ensure you get valuable experiences and build an impressive portfolio that includes popular communication, professional and creative writing, literary and film analysis, as well as graphic design.

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What Is Competency-Based Education?

Designed to leverage your previous knowledge, college coursework, and work experience, competency-based education enables you to earn your degree at your pace as you demonstrate mastery of relevant academic content.

How our YourPace online programs save you time and money:

  • Prove your knowledge, move ahead—the faster you advance, the more you save
  • Flat tuition rate per 8-week session, no matter how many courses you complete
  • With no weekly deadlines, you control the speed of completion

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In this YourPace online program, you will learn to:

  • Communicate effectively in written and oral forms as appropriate to purpose, audience, and genre.
  • Conduct research, evaluate and utilize sources effectively.
  • Demonstrate practical application of coursework and engage in meaningful reflection.
  • Show professional and ethical responsibility within the field.
  • Successfully utilize principles of professional team building.
  • Successfully market, advocate, persuade, and produce evidence-based communication.

Career opportunities include:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Editor
  • Content Manager
  • Freelance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Communication Manager
  • Teacher
  • Writer & Author

UMPI is ranked among the Top 10 Regional Colleges in the North for graduates with the least debt. – U.S. News & World Report, 2019.

“This program allows me to get classes done on my time that fits within my budget. It is a perfect program for those who have busy lives but want to complete a degree program at an affordable price.”

– Meaghan Cote, UMPI YourPace Online Student


The B.A. in English – Professional Communication & Journalism online program offers highly affordable tuition with a flat rate regardless of how many courses you complete each session. No hidden fees or extra textbook costs. The faster you finish, the more you save!

$1,400 per session Flat-Rate Tuition


There are six opportunities throughout the year to start your B.A. in English – Professional Communication & Journalism online program. Find the start date below that works best for you and apply before the application deadline.

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We’ve made the admission process simple and streamlined so it’s easier for you to get started. Those interested in earning their B.A. in English – Professional Communication & Journalism YourPace online degree from UMPI should have the equivalent of a high school diploma and possess some prior college credit and/or work experience.

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No Minimum GPA

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  • Submit your free application online
  • Provide high school transcript, high school equivalency test (HiSet), or GED
  • Provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended

Submit documents electronically to:

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Application Processing Center
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Bangor, ME 04402-0412

Fax: 207-581-5456


To earn your B.A. in English – Professional Communication & Journalism, you need to complete 120 credit hours of coursework. Each course is built around a series of competencies. Once you have mastered the series, you complete the course. This program includes general education courses, English core competencies, professional communication competencies, and general electives. Using our personalized learning model, we look at your past college credit, prior learning, and work experience to create your custom degree plan.

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Students must complete a minimum of 40 credit hours of general education courses.

Students must complete 21 credit hours of English core courses.

ENG-211: Introduction to Creative Writing

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

An introduction to the basic principles and practices of writing stories, poems, essays, and plays. Emphasis on selecting strong subjects, developing materials from life and from the imagination, and using fresh, exact details.

ENG-151: Introduction to Literature

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

An introduction to understanding and interpretation of diverse literary texts in context. Some attention to literary techniques, critical perspective, and genre conventions. The course will include introduction in writing critical essays.

ENG 259: Contemporary World Literature

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

An introduction to and survey of contemporary world literature. Particular attention given to postcolonial authors of the Caribbean, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. Topics may include magical realism, the relationship of indigenous authors to metropolitan culture centers, postmodern and postcolonial identity, nationalism, and contemporary critical approaches to non-Western literature.

PCJ 180: Intro to Professional Communication and Journalism

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This is a course in “popular communication.” It teaches students about message and audience, hooking and keeping readers, viewers and listeners, writing the way they talk—only better. This is a standard course for programs in professional communication and journalism. It lays a solid foundation for later specialization and refinement.

ENG 241: Enlightenment and Rise of Anglo-American Literatures and Cultures

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Survey of Anglo-American literature emphasizing generic, cultural, and political developments in a trans-Atlantic context. Readings in autobiography, travel and slave narratives, lyric, narrative and mock-epic poetry, the essay and the novel.

EDU 242: Modern and Contemporary Anglo-American Literatures and Cultures

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Survey of realist, naturalist, modernist, and postmodernist literary movements in the context of industrial revolutions, imperialism, migration, and urbanization. Attention to the manner in which literature engages questions of national and individual identity, as well as racial, sexual, and ethnic difference.

EDU 391: Studies in the English Language

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

A study of the development of the English language from its earliest known stage to present-day British and American English. Consideration of aspects of sound, word formation, syntax, and vocabulary; and of cultural influences on linguistic change and social attitudes affecting usage. The course will acquaint the student with some of the concerns of linguistics, etymology, and philology.

Students must complete 25 credit hours of Professional Communication & Journalism concentration courses.

ART 108: Graphic Design

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students in this course will design graphic design artifacts, which may include, but is not limited to, brand development, brochures, stationary, and/ or poster design. Traditional and digital techniques will be used over the course of the semester

PCJ 214: Under Development

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Under Development

PCJ215: Business Communication

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students will master the necessary communication skills to thrive in any business or professional area. They'll become proficient in everything from phone etiquette, e-mail and memos, to proposals and presentations. They'll get out of the classroom, partnering with an organization to apply what they've learned.

PCJ 315: Professional Communications

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Focus on writing as a profession. Review of such basics as e-mail, memos, phone etiquette, reports, proposals. Progress into more complex venues such as advocacy communication, communication audits, and focus groups. Students will work with clients producing communication products the organizations will use and enhance student profiles.

PCJ 316: Advanced Professional Communications

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Further development of professional communication skills for those with targeted career goals. Course focus varies: will emphasize such advanced advocacy communications as proposals, grants, annual reports, overarching communication plans, focus groups and sophisticated presentations skills. Will work with real world partners.

PCJ 396: Field Experience Practicum

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students will act as professional communicators out in the field. They may work in traditional journalism areas or focus upon other aspects of professional communication. Through guided autonomy, they’ll produce professional quality work for partners and demonstrate their ability to serve as successful communication practitioners. Course may be repeated once for credit.

PCJ 493: Teaching & Learning in a Proficiency-Based System

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

Students will demonstrate a deep understanding of Message, Audience, Support, Ethics and Venue through discussions and presentations. They’ll prepare professional portfolios. Students will develop effective resumes and cover letters. They’ll prepare to interview and fill jobs. This course provides the last steps to becoming a professional.

BUS 240: Change Management

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course will analyze the forces that drive organizations to change, examine impediments to change, and survey a range of approaches for making organizational change more effective. This course provides practical skills for managing and leading change in your personal life and within any organization.

BUS 260: Leadership

Duration: 8 weeks, Self-paced   |   Credit Hours: 3

This course focuses on understanding the nature of leadership in professional environments. Students will examine the characteristics, roles, and functions of an effective leader allowing them to lead and manage change successfully. Major theories of leadership are discussed and students will learn to think critically about best practices and applications.

Students must take at least 34 credit hours of general elective courses.

*Time to completion varies by student and is based on several factors including prior college coursework, relevant work experience, amount of time dedicated to studying, and the number of courses completed each session.

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