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Job Options for Project Management Majors

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If you obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Project Management Concentration online from the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI), you will be well-positioned to seek a career in a variety of fields. Here is some information about the program, as well as the jobs you will be qualified for.

About the Program

UMPI’s YourPace online BBA in project management program consists of 120 credit hours. You can take as many or as few classes as you wish during each eight-week session. No matter how many courses you take, you’ll pay a flat-rate tuition of $1,400 per session. You could obtain your degree in as few as 12 months and pay less than $10,000.

This program will prepare you for a career in project management that will be applicable in many industries. You will learn about emerging technologies, sophisticated programming software, leadership skills and much more. In addition, students who complete the program will have the educational requirements needed to take the Project Management Professional examination.

With a bachelor’s degree in project management from UMPI, you’ll be ready to pursue many different types of jobs. Here are just a few.

Project Manager – General

Average Yearly Salary: $73,439 (PayScale, August 2019)

A project manager (PM) is typically responsible for overseeing various company initiatives or projects and the teams that do the work. Requirements include strategic thinking and the ability to clearly define a project’s exact timeline. PMs have to ensure there are enough resources to complete the project and make sure it wraps within a predetermined budget.

Project managers must also have the ability to think on their feet. They need to adapt to changes quickly and solve any problems that may occur. In many instances, a person in this position will communicate the progress of a project to the company’s stakeholders.

Information Technology (IT) Project Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $87,188 (PayScale, August 2019)

Just like any other project manager, an IT project manager will have to exhibit leadership skills and have an in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies. IT project managers are responsible for both development and production, making sure projects are delivered on time and meet all quality requirements. IT project managers usually coordinate the production, testing and technical teams to make sure all facets of the project run seamlessly. PMs are also responsible for creating a plan that clearly spells out the responsibilities of each team member, as well as specific deadlines.

Operations Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $64,005 (PayScale, August 2019)

Operations managers work with various departments (warehousing, purchasing and manufacturing, for example), to make sure they are operating smoothly and within budget. In short, they ensure a company’s products or services get to the consumer efficiently. This position may also oversee adherence to safety rules and environmental regulations.

Strong leadership and motivational skills are required to succeed as an operations manager. A knowledge of company policies and procedures and good communication skills are a must. Interpersonal skills are also key, because operations managers often have to work with employees at all levels.

In many cases, operations managers also meet with community leaders, government representatives and labor union officials. They also have to be keenly aware of trends in their particular company’s industry and closely monitor any legislative changes.

Healthcare Project Manager

Average Yearly Salary: $75,474 (Glassdoor, August 2019)

Few industries face as much ongoing change as healthcare. Healthcare project managers stay on top of trends to help their organizations gain and maintain an edge over the competition. They are often involved in the planning and building of new facilities. Designing community health services can be part of the job.

One of the most important skills for a healthcare project manager is money management. Healthcare PMs often have to find ways to help their facilities do more with less. This means determining ways to streamline operations and maintain quality as budgets shrink.

These are just a few of the positions open to a person with a bachelor’s in project management from UMPI. Others include database administration, marketing management, project scheduling and more.

Learn more about the University of Maine at Presque Isle’s online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Project Management Concentration program.


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